The Power of Clarity

By Mike Johnson

I think, therefore I write.
I write to distill thoughts into usable clarity.
I use clarity to guide life decisions.

Those life decisions become the story of Me.

I share lots of written stories here.
I enjoy sharing clarity.
But all I can do is point & inspire.
I canít make you look. Or see. Or act. Or experience.

I share here but I write for me. Iím creating the story that Iíll be proud to tell on the other side.

What did I do with the talents I was gifted? How much did I multiply them?
How much truth did I mine from this world of illusion and deceit?
How much pressure & pain did I turn into grace?
How much fear did I confront & conquer?
How much evil did I reveal & negate?
How much joy did I discover in the big & small moments?
How much polish did I apply to my character?
How many did I inspire & what did those ripples create?
Did I share what needed to be shared & say what needed to be said?

These are the ultimate stories. They reveal a stark clarity.

What percentage of me did I really, really be?

We work. We struggle. We learn. We love. We share. We depart.

Then I suspect we do it again.

This perspective cuts through the conflict & confusion, revealing clarity.

With clarity, decisions are obvious. Better decisions, better life.

On a clear day, you can see forever.


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