By Mike Johnson

Perspective. It’s gained through time & experience, not words. A teenager puking Boone’s Farm gains more perspective than reading a dozen books.

Yet words COULD prevent much pain if people had more awareness & respect for perspective.

Perspective lives on the other side of time & experience.
Perspective has done the deeds & reaped the consequences.
Perspective understands human nature – both others & its own.
Perspective quickly sizes up a situation & sees the future outcome.
Perspective knows what blows & perspective knows what glows.

Perspective knows who to trust & who to doubt, no matter their title, credentials or authority.

Perspective could save pain, save sorrow & save millions of lives.

But most people won’t listen.

So the universe dumps a double scoop of raw experience right on their heads.

Then they writhe in the dirt & swear at the sky, oblivious to their own wings, blaming everyone but themselves for their troubles -- including those who warned them.

They never realize pain could’ve been prevented if they’d only comprehended truthful words delivered with loving perspective.

On the upside, every slow learner will eventually gain the perspective of which I speak.

Then they too, will suffer the discomfort of watching others – some whom they love very much -- stumble, flail, hurt & die, all the while ignoring the advice that could’ve prevented it.

Perspective realizes this is the way those people chose to learn.

Perspective is grateful it is not those people.

Perspective realizes it made its own journey more difficult by ignoring loving perspective too.

Perspective is grateful it now knows better.

Perspective is enriched by ever more perspective.

Perspective's prayer is that all gain perspective sooner rather than later.


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