The Hidden Value of Entertainment

By Mike Johnson

I just finished reading the fifth “Dali Llama’s Cat” book. Next up is Stuart Wilde’s "Little Money Bible."

Last night we watched the sixth episode (twice) of the latest version of “All Creatures Great & Small.” Only seven made per season. This is season two. Next up, we’ll buy & watch the earlier versions of this series made decades ago. I’ve already read all the James Herriot books.

Then there’s Oak Island. Nine years of promised treasure & they’re still pulling sticks from the swamp. Despite lots of activity & little payoff, we root for them. A big dig is underway. The Lagina brothers feel like friends. We enjoy the thrill of their chase.

Entertainment is an interesting concept. You can experience it alone or you can do it together.

It can be educational, inspirational, emotional, suspenseful or funny. Or all five at once.

Watching/reading others’ lives can help advance our own.

Sometimes, our lives become entertainment for others.

Sometimes we realize this, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes our lives inspire, sometimes they warn others off.

It’s easy to poach from others’ lives. The world is a living laboratory with billions of experiments underway. Just monitor the lives that fascinate you & watch their results. By their fruits ye shall know them.

That learning can be applied to your own life.

Entertainment is pleasant. But it can also be perceptive, persuasive & profitable.

Learning from others’ lives is the great multiplier you can apply to your own.

While you’re watching them, others are watching you.

Does your performance justify a second season?


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