Wealth is Time & Freedom, NOT Money

By Mike Johnson

Wealth isn't measured by money, it's measured by TIME and FREEDOM.

Most of the "rich" are POOR. They're slaves to work schedules, dress policies, complex responsibilities. If you have passive income, you're better off than any CEO.

Once you attain financial and time freedom you can live any life you imagine. There are ways to make this happen in less than 12 months. But you'll never learn these ways from conventional wisdom.

It turns out that the greatest cause of a disappointing life is who you listen to. The conventional plan of college, jobs, saving & investing is just a diabolical plan to eat your life. That this plan is so widespread, so pervasive, yet so obviously ineffective, only shows how strong the propaganda is fixed in society.

Break the cycle. Dare to turn your back on insanity and march toward the life you imagine. Turn your workdays into Saturdays.

Perpetual Saturdays.

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