What's in Your Wallet?

By Mike Johnson

Whatís in your wallet?
If itís just debit & credit cards, youíre in for a surprise.
When it comes to your money, if you canít touch it, you donít own it.

Right now (March, 2022), there are documented bank runs in Canada, Russia & Ukraine.

Central banks are spooked & exchanged memos over the weekend to band together & massively increase liquidity (print money from thin air). Just like 2008.

US banks are spooked & exchanged memos over the weekend warning of expected, powerful cyber attacks.

Fear is in the air & they are terrified of what will happen today.

When the Canadian government froze the bank accounts of people who donated to truckers, they revealed that ďour moneyĒ can be turned off with no warning for any convenient reason. This of course, spooked citizens into withdrawing their money from banks. These rational citizens wanted control -- their own money in their own hands.

Central banks in Europe & USA just cut Russia off from the SWIFT system that handles international financial transactions. In effect, they cut off Russiaís money. This of course, enraged Russia & spooked other countries & citizens who are now actively scrambling to ďget their money out of that central bank system.Ē

A financial reset is fast approaching. The Internet chatter is exceptionally high & is blaring that the reset is imminent. Timing is a foolís errand unless youíre a deep insider, but the trajectory is clear. This isnít getting better, itís getting worse.

The financial system nearly collapsed before covid. That provided an excuse to print trillions to keep the plates spinning. Now itís collapsing again & Russia/Ukraine will be blamed for any outside-the-norm bank actions now.

If you rely on digital cards & digital currency, banks & governments can always turn off your money. This is why you never want cash to be eliminated. This is why you want to keep cash on hand.

We live in interesting times. Plan accordingly.


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