My Shocking Woke Moment

By Mike Johnson

My shocking "woke" moment hit me at age 6. It steered me to the road less traveled.

All of us die. But some turn their death into a gift to humanity. JFK did that. As deaths go, it was ideal for him.

Leader of the free world. Parading through tens of thousands adoring fans. Beautiful day. Handsome couple. Perfect moment.

Then five confusing seconds & lights out.

No one may ever experience a better death.

But the gift of that death keeps giving.

Who did it & why?

Those of us who have deeply researched that crime had to digest a bitter truth.

The “solution” presented was a fairy tale written by the authorities in charge. Worse, mainstream media & educational systems still support the fairy tale, revealing them as accessories.

If they created a false narrative about the murder of a president 60 years ago – and it still holds -- what else in our world is different than the way it’s presented?

JFK’s departing gift was DOUBT.

JFK's murder taught hundreds of millions to doubt authority. To doubt media. To doubt what we’re taught.

Doubt is healthy because it encourages sharper questions & deeper research.

I don’t know about you, but I’m curious. I want the TRUTH. About everything.

Noah’s Ark. The Loch Ness Monster. UFOs.

Did we go to the moon? Is the earth really a globe? Is life a simulation?

The bigger & more “established” the global belief, the more I doubt the existing narrative.

Because I realize that most of what we “know” comes secondhand from authority, media & an education system.

Thanks to JFK, I learned early, with zero doubt, that these sources can lie & LIE BIG.

That clarity created the courage to question & doubt EVERYTHING.

Any truth that cannot withstand questions is no truth.

My wish for you is a shocking woke moment.

Because doubt creates the quest to discover deeper truths that benefit every aspect of your life.


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