How Many Income Streams In This Photo?

By Mike Johnson

How many income streams can you brainstorm from this photo?
We bought this hobby farm in 2011, rehabbed it & sold it in 2013.
It includes six acres, including the trees, 10 outbuildings, city water & a well.

The 1926, three story (including basement) rehabbed home has four bedrooms, two baths, a root cellar & two porches.

The outbuildings include the huge barn, a double garage, a granary, a machine shed, a chicken coop, a repair shed, a boat garage & storage sheds.

These are the type of exercises real estate investors & entrepreneurs noodle out. Everything, looked at creatively, can be an income generator.

Think outside the box. And don't forget the so-close-you-don't-see-it-idea, aerial photography.

We sold the entire rehabbed farm for $179,900 so that's your entry cost.

What could you do to make the farm "free" to you and even profitable?


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