An Unfinished Life

By Mike Johnson

Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman are lounging on a bench. “An Unfinished Life” just completed its climactic, satisfying scene. The emotional soundtrack reaches crescendo.

As the aerial camera pulls away, Freeman’s rich baritone is narrating a description of his flying dream.

“I got so high I could see where the blue turns black. From up there, you could see all there is. And it looked like there was a reason for everything.”

Fade to black, roll credits.

I’m luxuriating in that warm glow just after a good movie ends, brain reflecting on what it just experienced.

The phone barks, dancing in the recliner’s cup holder.

It’s Margie, on her way home.

“You have to see this sunset!”

She too, was enraptured inside a delicious moment.

No thanks. I settled deeper into my chair.

I was in love with my moment, the music, the feeling.

This is why it’s so difficult to change. We fall in love with whatever gets our attention. Like a worn pair of Wranglers, it’s comfortable in its fit. Even if something equal or better whispers seduction.

It’s an enormous ask to expect mere words to rip us away from saturated feelings. So good or bad, we tend to stay where we are.

And that is the epiphany that allows escape.

Whatever gets your attention, gets YOU.

Choose wisely.


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