That Dam White Paper I Wrote

By Mike Johnson

Twenty-six years ago, I wrote this dam white paper. The dam thing used the Hoover Dam as a metaphor on how to control company resources.

It read pretty dam well, shared some dam valuable information & resulted in lots of dam subscriptions.

In the copyrighting & business writing world, this is known as a control. If it works, they keep using it until another dam writer creates something that pulls better.

In this case, it worked so dam well that if the newsletter was still being published, they’d still be using the dam thing.

But why should you give a dam?

The white paper is still packed with value today.

If you’re an employee, it shows how to get the highest performance review ratings, largest raises & fastest promotions.

If you’re a manager, it shows the most effective, creative ways to control or reduce costs.

If you’re a writer, it shows a good example of an effective & proven white paper that increased subscriptions.

The information is “evergreen,” meaning it never loses its value.

Like you, I’ve worn many hats over the years.

In the business world, I spent a couple decades at McDonald’s & 7-Eleven as employee, assistant manager, store manager, & district manager. I excelled in that world & later became a freelance business writer.

This white paper was written for Clement Communications, who sold workplace safety posters & how-to business newsletters to companies across the globe.

In this case, the white paper was used to sell a cost control newsletter. I then became editor & exclusive writer of that publication (and another about Customer Service) for six years.

The fun of that gig was interviewing high achievers at the best companies, getting the best results, so I could share their best practices with our readers.

Which made me pretty dam smart. So I got paid twice. The learning turned out to be every bit as valuable as the earning.

Today, after 26 years of business ownership & a shitload more writing experience, I know I could write something twice as good. But now I’m retired so I’m too dam lazy to do it.

So I’ll just share that orginal dam white paper here!


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