Mike's Free Customer Service Booklet

By Mike Johnson

As a retired recluse, I shudder at my past activity. It seems impossible that I immersed myself so deeply in humanity. Would you interview 157 corporate hotshots to capture their best customer service practices?

I did.

I value the concise. So I mined their gold nuggets & wrote “101 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Today.”

In print form, the booklet is just 16 pages long. Today, I give this content away free of charge. The link is below.

As I look back, I selected jobs & businesses that made me do some things I most wanted to avoid.

At McDonald’s & 7-Eleven, I managed & led hundreds of people. Hiring, firing, coaching, listening, inspiring, disciplining. Hundreds of daily situations & conversations with others. All while preferring to be alone.

With the trolley tour & trailer parks, I dealt with thousands of repair & maintenance issues. I truly hate dealing with broken things. I’m not handy, not very literate about how things work & I never got over the trauma of being cussed out for handing dad the wrong wrench.

With writing, which I always envisioned as a solitary sport, I ended up cold-calling high-achieving strangers to convince them to share their best practices. In conversations. On the phone. Ouch.

Somehow, it all got done. Once you learn how to force self-discipline on yourself, it forces itself on YOU. Once I decided to do it, dammit, it got done.

In my self-development quest, I applied all that customer service expertise toward myself.

“Serving” is where customer service becomes magic. It’s love disguised as activity, process & self-talk.

We all like to complain about lousy service. I’m especially guilty because I know how it SHOULD be. Worse, I know how it CAN be.

Double worse, I know how to write complaint letters that surgically insert the ice pick deep into executives’ most sensitive pain centers. I can twist for paragraphs. I write, they writhe. If they truly knew my literary power they’d just deed me their businesses & walk away.

But I don’t do that. I prefer to tutor rather than torture. Sometimes I send them my booklet.

“Perhaps Joanna wouldn't have "expressed herself" if she read Tip #9.”

“Bob, your cashier, needs a refresher on Tip #63.”

“Phil should be running your company. He excels at Tip #101.”

I won’t be coming for you with an ice pick. I don’t want your company.

But I would be honored if you accessed, read & used my free customer service booklet. The world certainly needs it.

"101 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Today"


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