Do You Believe in Miracles?

By Mike Johnson

Do you believe in miracles?
Fortunately, they occur whether you realize it or not.
They operate in the realms between logic & divine, life & death.

The organic systems in a human body are so complex as to be magical.

There's no visible power source. Respiration, circulation, digestion, immunity, waste, nerves & muscles all operate automatically, with no conscious orders or thought.

Sight, hearing, touch, smell & taste let us explore the physical world.

When parts cut, burn, sprain or break, they heal themselves.

Then there's consciousness. We can think. Dream. Imagine. Remember. Cry, laugh, hate, love & a hundred other emotions.


So we already experience miracles 24/7/365.

But sometimes, a miracle occurs in direct spotlight outside of all that "miraculous normalcy."

In this case, a stunning, instantaneous cure, right at the doorstep of death.

I was there at the instant of occurrence. Margie was too. We learned miracles have a FEELING.

Then we saw the results. It amazed us to our core.

But then time elapses & life moves on. Layers pile upon layers. The memory fades, diluted by so many other memories.

Until we pause & recall it directly again. The feeling returns. The outcome is verified. That miracle really, actually, physically happened.

And we shake our heads in astonishment.

Access this story of marvel, wonder & reverence "How Our Tomboy Taught it's All Trivial."


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