Lost in Space

By Mike Johnson

No one is lost in space.
Just temporarily distracted. Otherwise engaged. Presently indisposed.
Robotic autopilot.

Until we clear the mechanism & reawaken to the present moment.

Everything happens NOW.

Or not.

The "Danger! Danger! Danger!" occurs during the "or not."

When we're not present, we're not happening.

We're drifting through past memories or battling future imaginary calamities.

As the clock keeps ticking. As the body moves closer to its expiration date. As another challenging workday passes without progress toward our dreams.

I love the past. There's no fear there. It's over. Resolved. This robot is on my desk because it conjures pleasant past memories from the 1960's TV show, "Lost in Space." Its purchase price was money well-spent because it creates frequent smiles.

It also reminds me to stop being robotic. Wake up! Come back to the present.

Ironically, I learned the value of this while asleep. In a dream.

A dream so memorable, so life-changing, that I documented it & share it with the world. You're going to recognize the leading character.

For max benefit, you're going to want to do it NOW, while you're in the present moment. Access this dream here: "Momentary Lives"


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