Elephant in an Elevator

By Mike Johnson

I wrestle with the line between creating my own inner environment & monitoring whatís happening in the world.

I have the skills & experience to do both. I see the best of humanity & the worst. I am as free from work, society & tyranny as any man can be.

From this freedom, I see your future. Not yours specifically, but Americansí future.

With these gifts come responsibility.

I see approaching things that you do not. Ugly things. Evil leaders. Destructive events. Financial collapse & worse.

Is it on me to tell you?

Even if your awareness isnít high enough to perceive the ugly information?

Even if Iím attacked because my information doesn't match evilís narrative?

Mankindsí biggest weakness is a lack of awareness, imagination & critical thinking.

You will not like the immediate future. Most will never see it coming. Many will not survive.

The reason most are doomed is that they still trust evil leadersí broadcasts while aggressively cancelling the awakened people warning them.

Ten percent could save the world but the 90% arenít aware enough to allow it.

Not only have the unaware enabled destruction of their own families, theyíve helped the destroyers destroy the ones who tried to save them.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

We all die. Itís only a matter of when & how.

What comes after death? Most have no idea. Those who do, canít prove it.

The enlightened live a life, & die a death, theyíll be proud to tell on the other side.

I do my best. I give half my mental energy & communication energy to the world. I keep the rest for me. My outer impact is small. My inner impact on me is large. So I have that going for me.

Momentum will continue. Events will unfold. Trajectories will reach conclusion.

Business, like most activities in life, is a distraction from more important issues.

I find it harder & harder to discuss long-term ideas in a short-term world. It feels like small-talk in a high-rise elevator thatís plunging straight to the basement.

Thereís an elephant in that elevator & few people will look at it or talk about it, let alone change their actions accordingly.

There is still a chance for divine intervention. Itís worthwhile to pray for that.

Meanwhile, youíre in the elevator. Itís plummeting. How will you respond?

I suggest you quickly do your own research in the topic.

Perhaps next post, Iíll get back to small-talk.


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