Mental Mudroom

By Mike Johnson

In the midst of a 3-day April blizzard, I greatly appreciate our mudroom. Combined with my pull-on mucker boots, I'm equipped for quick trips in & out during bad weather.

Despite stamping off snow & mud, I still carry residue. So the mudroom is a warm transition area to shed coats & boots & mess, reset myself & step into comfortable moccasins before entering the main home.

Clean, refreshed, relaxed.

Mental mudrooms offer the same solutions. Life accumulates residue. Without a "mental mudroom" we shed it haphazardly wherever we walk. Perhaps all over the people, things & activities we most love.

Your mental mudroom can be a song. A pleasant memory. The scenic route driving home. The first swig of your favorite beverage.
We need a transition area to shed the residue.

Our mudroom did not come with the house. We had to have it built.

Your mental mudroom did not come with your brain. You have to have it built.

Invest the time to build it right & it'll serve you forever.

Especially during blizzards.


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