Gurus & the Chairman Emeritus

By Mike Johnson

I go on Medicare next week. One day youíre an apprentice, then a blink, a flash & a moment later youíre the Chairman Emeritus of your life.
That went fast.

Itís a grand position. Youíre full of wisdom & advice, yet retired from the messy little demands of actual responsibility.

I have the advice. I have the mountain. Now I just need the flowing robe & gong.

If you didnít like me at first, perhaps over time, I guru on you. Ha!

Looking back, life naturally divides into chapters.

Today, Iím dwelling on my ďnewsmanĒ chapter. Three years of newspaper publishing & seven years of news website publishing.
Nice even decade. But with a decade in between the two.

Like a first love, the newspaper years are recalled with more tingles & hormones. Creating our own newspaper was like playing dress-up with 7,000 witnesses.

I delivered the Minneapolis Tribune as a kid & published the Treetop Gazette as an adult. Unfortunately, both earned about the same amount of money.

But the learning & experiences were off the charts.

The website publishing was my deep dive into the Deep State a decade before it entered common parlance. I spent five hours a day searching & reading the best non-mainstream articles related to political leaders, the global financial system & their shenanigans. I linked the best articles on my site.

I did this every day, for seven years, missing only two days in that 2,500 day span. All that negativity nearly killed me.

Luckily, Iíd experienced an earlier ďsearch for GodĒ decade to prevent being pulled into the abyss.

But once again, in both chapters of life, the learning was off the charts.

Today, comfortably ensconced on my mountain, I find it amazing that I could start a newspaper right now, with zero worry, zero debt & zero challenge.

Thatís the fun of experience. You know enough to successfully do something but also know enough to realize why you donít want to do it again.

So you donít. But you relish the pleasure of knowing you could.

Thatís the wisdom youíve earned. Thatís the wisdom that generates joy. That's the wisdom that attracts others to ask your advice.

Earth life is messy because the only way to truly, deeply learn is to truly, deeply experience. With everything on the line. With witnesses.

You reduce the messiness by studying people who have already achieved what you desire. Then do your own research. Become your own expert. Then just jump in & do it. Learn the rest as you go.

The Chairman Emeritus has spoken.


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