The Guitars Mock Me

By Mike Johnson

The guitars in the corner mock me. Two Keith Urban’s, wrapped in their carriers, as if Christmas gifts that were never opened.

I imagined rich waves of romance & inspiration vibrating throughout the house as Margie & I learned to play together.

And what a one-time attempt it was!

Now they sit in the corner like unused exercise equipment.

If the guitars were dogs, they’d cock their necks to one side & give me that confused look, “Try again today?”

“Don’t you fret (haha)," I think to myself. “We’ll be back.”


When I was young, I fancied myself an upcoming Jim Croce. My poetic lyrics set to velvety tunes, would attract fame, fortune & fillies.

I could write lyrics all day long but writing melody was a total mystery. And of course, I couldn’t play guitar.

But I was dragging a cello around & occasionally contributed sounds that didn’t cause the entire orchestra to seize up with lemon face.

How hard could playing the guitar be?

Hard enough to take a 4-year pause on the lessons.

But anyway, I still write enriching lyrics, synced to famous tunes I don’t have to play myself.

In this case, financial freedom & passive income lyrics you’ll never see anywhere else. Just click the link below.

No Grammy winner ever wrote a musical money manifesto.

In your face Jim Croce.


Mike's Musical Money Manifesto"


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