Wear a Suit on Saturday?

By Mike Johnson

Do you wear a suit on Saturday morning?

Of course not.

So why are you wearing one on Monday morning?

Life is a journey toward ever greater freedom. When awake and aware, we start to resent costumes, commutes and conscription to some job. We tire of helping others achieve their goals at the expense of our own. Saving for retirement takes too damn long and stock market crashes and inflation keep erasing everything we gained.

Deep down, we know that job will never get us what we really want Ė financial and time freedom. The bigger lives we imagine are too large to fit within the tiny confines of salaries and work schedules. So we shrink our dreams to fit.

The more empowering plan is to find better ways of earning income that donít require working a schedule. With passive income, we gain the time and money to live the lives we imagine.

Gaining passive income is simplicity itself: you just BUY it. The learning curve can be traveled in a few months and you can arrive at financial and time freedom in less than a year. It's still possible to achieve this with very little money down.

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