How I Create Names & Taglines

By Mike Johnson

I really enjoy creating one-liners, captions, taglines & names. I’ve done this so long that I’m certain an amazing word combination will appear when I ask.

Sometimes it just pops in, sometimes I use a process that employs a thesaurus, dictionary & rhyming dictionary.

One of my favorite name creations involved a public transportation system for our small town of Cody, Wyoming.

We’d dreamed up the idea & needed to sell it to various funding & government agencies. A good name creates a vivid vision & a vivid vision helps others “see” the same value in the idea, which attracts their help.

Cody is a western town. Lots of horses. Lots of history. How can we tie all of that into our transportation idea?

I knew Cody had to be in the name. A description of the service had to be in the name. And all this had to be boiled down to one acronym or one word.

Cody would be the first word, so my acronym or single word would have to start with “C.”

Now I listed all the words that meant “transportation.” And history. And horses. And tried many combinations, breaking down single words as if possible acronyms.

Each word was a tumbler, completing a combination that might open the safe. When the magic combination appeared, I literally gasped, blood pounded my ears & I screamed to Margie.

Cody Over Land Transit (COLT)

From that name, the tagline was easy.

“Catch the COLT”

It perfectly captured & presented our idea of a western transportation service.

Western. Horses. History. Transportation. Plus it added the additional layers of being young, vibrant, growing, new energy.

From there, Margie designed the logo & we had a saleable vision that attracted the needed funds & approvals.

I purposely did not post a photo of the logo here so you’d have to “see” the vision from the words.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - John 1:1

Using the creative power given to us by God, “the word” is the first building block of any new creation. Any manifestation starts with words. These words call forth all cooperating components until they mass into physical reality.

This is why I’m a writer. This is why everyone is a writer.

Everything in your life began with words. Words start everything. Words to yourself, words to others.

The better your words, the better your manifestations.

Choose them wisely.


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