Rain in the Valley, Snow on the Mountain

By Mike Johnson

May 21 & we have fresh snow on the ground.
Living at elevation is a different world.
The air is cooler, fresher & cleaner.

So when it rains in the valley, it might snow on the mountain.
Looking at the valley, you notice snow only starts at higher elevations.

Being on the shady, southern side, our snow takes the longest to melt. Itís not uncommon to have scattered piles of snow on our property into June.

The tracks on the roof under the window are squirrel. Clouds have sliced 3,000 feet off the highest mountains across the valley.

Every time the weather changes, the view changes. Spring greens up the terrain yet keeps the highest volumes of snow on the mountains, making May the prettiest month here.

The terrain, remoteness & lack of civilization keep the masses away. Of the remaining few who want to live here, most havenít arranged their lives to do so. They haven't yet gained freedom from commutes, work schedules & obligations.

There are many ways to live. If you desire a life that is safer, calmer, peaceful & in many cases less expensive, just move 25 miles from the closest town.

Of course that's the final & easiest step.

Everything it takes to make that possible is where the real work lies.


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