Are They Really Still Sending Kids to College?

By Mike Johnson

Is college merely a dose of cod liver oil or is it arsenic? The college industrial complex keeps ingesting our kids, pillaging their future income & turning them against the morality & character that built this country.

For most kids, it’s a net loss.

Four years gone.
No differentiating income skills.
Massive debt.
Unemployment or underemployment.

So why did they go to college again?

College is just one option in a sea of options. In most cases, it’s the WORST option.

Yet the entire public education system is built to funnel every kid to college. It’s their “admission” that even after 13 years of classes, they were not able to teach kids income-producing skills.

If the goal of college is learning, experiencing & networking, there are many better, faster, cheaper ways to achieve the same or better in the outside world.

I share some of these spectacularly-more efficient & effective ways in my post, “Skip College & Jobs, Retire Early Instead”

This advice doesn't just help kids. It helps adults who want out of the job/save/retire matrix.


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