Chemtrails Are a Thing

By Mike Johnson

Look up. Unusual things are happening in the sky that no one in authority will explain. These appeared over my house this morning. There were a dozen others. I know what these are. Do you?

I've never had so many, in so short a time (less than an hour). I'm located 30 miles from Yellowstone National Park. I've seen them created over the park in the past so there are no boundaries for the "pristine."

Their name is Chemtrails.

Due to my past research, I know they are not jetliner contrails or vapor trails. Yet they are expelled by jet airplanes.

I've been witnessing these for a good 10 years. I hear these are occurring worldwide.

It appears we're being crop-dusted.

What are these things, what is in them & what is their purpose?



Answers: Chemtrails are a massive government program to poison our air, land and food, cause sickness & death and geoengineer our environment until we're all exterminated. The cover story is to reduce "heat from the sun."
This free, 2-hour documentary proves it all with patents, caught-in-the-act videos, whistleblower testimony and credible, high ranking witnesses: The Dimming

Watch Chemtrail Turned Off By Pilot (They're not condensation)

Tennessee Senate Passes Bill to Ban Chemtrails


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