Solitude Makes You Smarter

By Mike Johnson

Solitude is the magic elixir that makes everything better.
More so, it makes you SMARTER. Until you get quiet, stationary, alone & introspective, you really don’t know anything.

The things of man are a huge distraction. Constant activity & stimulus devours your life while keeping the most precious parts of it hidden.

What benefit is it to gain the world but lose your soul?

Your soul lives abundantly in solitude. It’s poised to share its wealth. It wants you to drop by more often.

You’ll be rewarded with calm. Peace. Joy. Perspective. Clarity. Inspired thoughts & ideas.

Now when you return to the hive, it’ll be as if you have super powers. You’ll still operate with the hive but won’t be OF the hive.

Big difference.

Now you’re a detached, invigorated visitor on vacation, rather than an unaware, robotic resident.

This perspective makes everything easier, fresher, better, richer.

You drop in, you pull out. You drop in, you pull out.

Soon, “out” becomes far more valuable than “in.”

“Out” (solitude) will gift you a list of inspiring course corrections.

Surround yourself with beauty.

Radiate gratitude.

Bring light & love to every room.

Attract abundance in all things.

Your soul is who you really are. Your body is just the car it drives.

Most people put so much attention on the body that they believe they ARE the body.

Years later, parked in some swamp, they blame others for driving them there.

Solitude is the detachment that reminds you that you’re the driver, not the car.

All your answers lay outside the things of man.

In solitude.

Drop by & have a listen.


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