URL Forwarding: Elegant Marketing

By Mike Johnson

Are you using URL Forwarding?
This is a behind-the-scenes option that redirects a website address somewhere else.

This allows you to buy different domain names & redirect them to your existing web site or even specific web pages on your existing site.

This elegant option allows targeted marketing.

For example, if you sell accounting services at “BobsAccounting.com” you could buy a domain name like “DentistAccounting.com” & redirect it to your existing site.

Now do the same with DoctorsAccounting, PlumbersAccounting, ElectriciansAccounting, etc.

When you buy a domain name, you’ll be given access to a dashboard that offers the free URL Forwarding option. You just type in the web address you want visitors redirected to. It happens automatically from then on.

Domain names are cheap, usually only $10-$30 per year.

If you want visitors to go to a specific web page on your site, use URL Forwarding to have a cleaner address.

For example, I have 103 free inspirational columns posted on my web page http://www.mikeleejohnson.com/Columns.html

Instead of advertising that long address, I own InspirationalColumns.com and URL Forward it to my specific web page automatically.

It also helps my search rankings as I’ve been #1 on Google for “Inspirational Columns” for years.

You can also have fun with this.

Type in the following and see where you land:

All are URL Forwarded to my main, existing website.

When we sold our hobby farm, I created a sales page on my existing website that had the typical long address. I then bought "RedBarnFarm.com" to elegantly advertise & redirect visitors to the long addressed farm sales page on my existing site.

URL Forwarding is an inexpensive way to freshen, fun, finesse & focus your existing sales efforts.


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