Reading Nooks

By Mike Johnson

More comfortable than a feather bed. More luxurious than a cruise ship. More journeys than a space shuttle.

With the right mindset, any old chair will do. But with a touch of focus & intention, the possibilities are infinite.

Reading nooks are restaurants for your soul. The actual books are the food. But the nook is the atmosphere. How much care you put into creating your space is the service.

Some people arrange a corner. We built an inspiration cottage.

It was built for reading, writing, pondering, meditation & deep conversations.

Just seven steps off the front porch, itís ďOn Golden PondĒ right in our front yard. Itís a six-sided, 4-season, baby house, positioned for 360 views. So different & inspiring from the main home, it deserves its own zip code.

Combined with the greenhouse & barn, our homestead became a compound that hugs our house.

Creating an inspiring environment is like showing love to your partner. But itís a gift to yourself.

A love for your setting takes you a long way down the road toward loving yourself.

If days of the week were areas of your home, Saturdays are the reading nook. Especially Saturday mornings.

Dream. Ponder. Read. Meditate. Journal. Make course corrections.

This is REAL life.

Right here. Right now. Just you in your reading nook.

Snuggle in.


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