Cat Wisdom

By Mike Johnson

I've overseen 550 employees. 140 tenants. 50 deer.

I prefer an audience with one cat.

As I age, I want fewer things intruding on my mind.

Businesses, homes & possessions all demand attention. Issues arise. Stuff breaks. Things need to be greased or painted or trimmed.

My daily schedule is as free as anyone you'll ever meet. It's still too busy. The chipmunks must be fed. The greenhouse must be watered. The dog wants out. The dog wants in. The body needs a drink. The body needs a bathroom. The body needs food. Now the kitchen needs cleaning.

How did I ever survive a work schedule?

I used to believe more was more. Now I realize more is less. Less freedom. Less inner quiet. Less peace.

The monkey mind is constantly looking for things to think about. Like a Border Collie, if you don't give it a job, it makes one up. So it grabs anything from the outside world and drags it in for fixation. Without awareness, you're off on a mental journey that erases joy.

So I'm scheming of things I can remove from my world.

I should be scheming of techniques to just remove them from my mind.

Sophie has it figured out.


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