How to Avoid Trouble

By Mike Johnson

Iím deep into a science experiment.
It can be a dodgy, discouraging, disconcerting endeavor.
Iíve been observing people again.

As I classify the species, Iím noticing key differences.
Some early data:

Some never stop taking. Some never stop giving.

Some never stop talking. Some never stop listening.

Some trust & defer to authority. Some doubt & challenge authority.

Some believe in external power & circumstance, seeing themselves as victims. Some believe in internal power & manifestation, seeing themselves as creators.

Some strive for moment-to-moment awareness. Some last had a moment of awareness in 1997.

Some sort their behavior by self interest. Some sort their behavior by the needs of others.

Some follow the herd. Some shun the herd.

Some say & do what's right no matter what the cost. Some conform & cower to avoid any cost.

Some are energy vampires. Some are energy donors.

Some brighten a room. Some darken a room.

Fascinating isnít it?

Same hardware, different software.

Itís amazing we can all live together without killing each other.



But somehow, with a dose of perception, we can sort in an instant.

Show me a face that doesnít know itís being observed & within ten seconds Iíve downloaded ten pages of data.

A smile. A glance. A gesture. A laugh. Eye contact.

A scowl. A stare. A fist. A mutter. Covert peeking.

Who do you greet, who do you avoid?

Observation is free research that avoids expensive trouble.


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