Rich as a Soda Baron

By Mike Johnson

When young, were used to operating without a buffer. If we earn a $100, we spend $100, knowing another $100 will arrive soon enough.

For six months, just after high school graduation, I lived free & loose. I had a seldom-seen roommate & no steady girlfriend. I was popular at work, good at my job, drove a flashy orange Vega & had nothing on the horizon but attractive possibilities.

Despite no savings, this combination made me rich.

Grape soda made me FEEL rich. Specifically, bottled grape soda.

Florida was filled with open-sided, roofed drive-thru beverage depots. When I say drive-thru, I mean THROUGH. As in drive right through the middle of them under the roof. Cases were stacked on both sides of the car. Id stop near the grape soda & buy a case of 24 bottles for about $5.

Id treat myself during the week but Saturday mornings were the real prize.

Id arise early, pop off the bottle cap & sit on the front steps, sipping pop in the humid morning air. Nobody around, cold bottle in my hand, I was the king of my world.

Not only was I holding a cold grape soda, I had an entire CASE of them stored in the apartment.

Wealth is just an intellectual construct until its FELT. Grape soda made me FEEL rich.

I've never forgotten that feeling & still enjoy holding a bottle of grape soda today. Whatever makes you feel rich, IS wealth.

Even if its just grape soda.


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