Dinking Around With Derivatives of Dreams

By Mike Johnson

You love the dream of financial freedom -- earning all the money you need without working a schedule. So far, so good.

Then you go off the rails.

You look at the herd & copy them. You go to college to qualify for a good job so you can earn high income, gain promotions, save money, invest that money & if nothing goes haywire, maybe retire in your 50’s or 60’s.


You just stepped into what humor writer Patrick McManus calls a “Sequential Vortex.” He sums it up spectacularly in his famous 1987 column “Sequences.”

“You don’t go out and do a piece of work. No, the first thing you do is determine the lengthy sequence of activities necessary to even begin the job. Then you realize that the sequence of activities is so long you will never get to the intended task. So you go fishing instead.”

“Every goal has a sequence swirling beneath it like the vortex of a whirlpool. Take your first step toward that goal and you’re instantly sucked into the vortex, swirled downward endlessly farther and farther away from your goal, until you’ve completely forgotten what the goal was, and your only concern is how to get out of the vortex.” – Patrick McManus

Look at your life & see if Patrick isn't right.

It’s just not efficient to follow a sequence of activities that make you more qualified to attain a dream. Each of those activities creates its own list of sequences that will leave you so sidetracked that you’ll never get back to your original dream.

So the hell with qualifications & sequences. Just jump in.

If you want financial freedom, just directly march to financial freedom. You don’t trade 40 years of precious time & life force attending college, working a job & saving & investing. No. You trade a couple months learning how to BUY an already-existing business or income property that generates passive income RIGHT NOW. Now just BUY one & gain financial freedom today.

If you truly want financial freedom -- or anything in life -- you don’t dink around. You confidently stride directly to it.

If you dilute your efforts engaged in one qualification sequence after another, you’ll never arrive at your goal.

Chasing derivatives of dreams is the same as the death of your dreams.

Better to just go fishing instead.


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