Has Slavery Snared You?

By Mike Johnson

You're a slave.

I was too.

But now I realize that financial freedom & time freedom is sovereignty. Until you gain that, you're just someone's bitch.

This was no accident. There was a conspiracy to steal your life.

In the early 1900's government & corporate elites created the public school system. They designed the curriculum so we'd respect authorities, obey orders & only learn enough to work their jobs or serve in their military.

Until then, we were a nation of entrepreneurs. Now we're a nation of employees. We've gone from independence to dependence.

Jobs are great for learning but horrible for earning.

That holding a job seems "normal," only shows how pervasive the propaganda has become. It's so deep they've got us teaching our own kids to become slaves too.

You're not an employee. You're a milk cow. Your labor feeds an array of others.

Your employer harvests the difference between what you're paid and what your labor is actually worth. Your governments harvest another big bite of what's left in "taxes." Your living expenses suck up the rest. Your very life has become a crop. The only question is who gets the rewards from the sale.

This is an ugly revelation. But a necessary one.

You can't escape captivity until you discover its boundaries.


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