My Covid Comment to Local Newspaper

By Mike Johnson

My local newspaper has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from local mainstream doctors, hospitals and government health departments. This money buys advertising for their mainstream covid messages. Fine.

However, they never publish stories that challenge that narrative that the covid injections are "safe & effective." For more than a year, I have personally sent multiple letters to their publisher & editors with links to hundreds of credentialed, credible front-line medical & scientific sources proving the injections are NOT safe & effective and the existing hospital protocols are NOT good for patients. Omission is the mainstream media's biggest lie.

My following comment was published in the newspaper's online comments that have few readers. This paper, as does most mainstream media, continues to enable assault and murder via covid injection. Per the Nuremberg Code, any experimental medical procedure MUST provide ALL information so users have the ability for fully-informed consent. Two years later, this is still not happening.

I posted this comment after the paper published more injurous advice from the CDC. Here is my comment:

"Isolation is recommended for people who test positive, according to the CDC."

Two years later, the CDC STILL makes no mention of early treatment protocols. Neither does the Cody Enterprise. This omission is injuring and killing people.

Isolation, without early treatment, allows covid the time to get worse, increasing the chance of hospitalization & death for the small portion of the population with compromised immune systems.

On the upside, 99.78% beat covid and gain God-granted natural immunity. No covid injections needed. EVER. Which keeps you off the FDA/CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) that already contains 30,000 deaths after covid injection and 1.3 million injuries after covid injection. This is multiple more injuries & deaths than ALL vaccines in history, COMBINED. Calling these injections “safe” is dishonest. Even Biden, Fauci and Aaron Billin (our county Public Health Director) caught covid after multiple injections, so they are certainly not “effective” either.

The CDC also recommended lockdowns, masks, social distancing and the experimental injections. All of these have been proven to have caused more harm than covid itself. I have links to hundreds of credentialed sources proving this. So why does anyone still trust the CDC?

I have researched the covid topic 4 hours a day for 18 months. I was unsatisfied with the guidance to “isolate until it gets worse” or take an experimental injection. So I got a “second opinion.” I actually got several hundred second opinions from credible, credentialed doctors that were censored from mainstream media, including this paper.

I refused to let Big Government, Big Medical & Big Media curate and restrict 100% of my covid news when the topic was so personally important to my family’s health. I proactively went out searching for the best information, from the best doctors, getting the best documented front line results.

I learned to never take an experimental injection. I learned to never take their faulty tests. When I got covid symptoms, I did isolate but I also took the early treatment protocols immediately. They worked. I had one bad day and several very mild days. Now I have natural immunity.

These low-cost treatments include Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Vitamin D & Zinc. Do your own research. You can search out and study multiple credentialed doctors who are getting real results, with real people on the real front lines.

These credentialed doctors say 85% of all covid deaths would've been prevented with early treatment protocols. They say the experimental injections (they are "gene therapy" NOT vaccines) were never needed (or lawfully allowed) because these other proven-by-decades-of-use, low-cost early treatments WERE available as a solution. They say the CDC guidance is so obviously bad it is criminal.

Now, after two years of collusion to censor thousands of credentialed doctors, Big Government, Big Medical & Big Media finally admits the obvious. The covid injections do not stop the spread of covid, do not stop catching covid, do not stop hospitalization from covid and do not stop death from covid. This is opposite of what they promised.

So why would you keep listening to anything they say about covid now?

For the final nail in their credibility, web search & watch the free, 60-minute documentary, “Monopoly: Who Owns the World?” (Find it at It shows that the largest institutional shareholders of the mainstream media also own the covid vaccine companies. They also own most of the medical industry including hospitals. And are the largest shareholders of 75% of all large corporations on the planet. Now you’ll understand why there is such obvious collusion to censor any credentialed doctor, or peer-reviewed study that says something different than their narrative.

Do your own research. There is far better health information available.


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