Spoon-Bending & Firewalks

By Mike Johnson

I attended a spoon-bending workshop in 1995 with a dozen others.

We centered ourselves through a short meditation & then willed the metal spoons to melt. We imagined our fingers as hot & the spoons as taffy.

Like a magnifying glass, we focused all our mental power on the point where our two fingers squeezed the spoon.

Damn if the thing didnít turn to taffy right where we gripped it. The metal spoon became soft, making it effortless to roll & twist. I rolled the spoon similar to this photo. But I also added a spiral to the handle.

Despite saving that amazing evidence, I canít find my spoon anywhere today. But this photo is similar.

If I hadnít been there & done it myself, I wouldnít have believed it. Everyone in the room had similar results with their spoons.

Was the magic due to the power of the group or the power of the individual?

The exercise provided physical proof that we have powers of focus & imagination that we never tap.

Like everything in the world, look at ourselves more closely & there is always more to the story.

It's a cosmic irony that we spend our lives chasing riches outside ourselves, rarely realizing there are spectacularly larger treasures inside ourselves.


I'm also a successful firewalker. Read about it here.


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