Summer Perspective

By Mike Johnson

The road to the east gate of Yellowstone is a babbling brook of cars & RVs during the summer.

Our vantage point two miles from the highway, 1,400 feet above the valley floor, allows us to view about a third of the road that runs through our valley. With one gaze, we’re able to study the vehicles two miles below, while at the same time, glimpsing Yellowstone’s eastern mountain border 30 miles away.


We see where these travelers are right now and we see where they’ll be in the future. We know the park. So we know the broad strokes of experience that might return home as memories. We know a percentage of these people will be forever changed.

But we also know that most will never leave the reality bubble of their own thoughts and electronics. We know this because there are herds of elk in our valley larger than any seen in Yellowstone. We glass them from our home. We admire them when we drive to town. And we watch tourists fly by, never noticing, unaware that their lack of focus is negating their vacation.

Awareness. Focus. Perspective.

These make or break the quality of our life.


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