It All Works Out

By Mike Johnson

The world we know is falling apart. More accurately, itís being purposely destroyed by an evil, global cabal. Through their ability to keystroke unlimited money from thin air, they have bribed, blackmailed or physically threatened every leader, judge, scientist, media, doctor, General or election official needed to advance their agenda of population eradication & total tyranny.

Itís easy to trade joy & peace of mind for worry & preparation for what appears to be coming.

Yet, that is just an arbitrary fixation. We can focus on any time horizon. The past. The present. The future.

Our focus then determines our FEELINGS. If we feel bad, it was caused by hitting ourselves in the head with the hammer of negative fixation.

Fixation is an option. With awareness, it's an option that we control.

In the big picture, everything works out.

We get a toothache. It hurts.

We make a dental appointment. We worry about that upcoming visit.

We arrive at the dentist & fear the coming shot & drill.

We walk out of the office relieved, with a repaired tooth & no more pain.

Why didnít we fixate on THAT moment rather than all the earlier, fear-inducing moments before the repair?

Just reset your focus to the better moment when things will have worked out. Fixate on THAT.

Our soul lives forever. If you donít believe this, give yourself the gift of deeper research. Eternal life is the good news that takes the sting out of every pain. It reminds us that all pain & adversity is temporary & only applied for our greater growth & good.

Earth duty is TEMPORARY. The bad guys seem to be in charge. The bad guys seem to be winning. But their "winning" is forcing us to grow in new ways.

Even if they temporarily win here, we win the permanent battle because our souls live forever. We keep all our earthly growth forever. And the places after earth aren't run by evil, they're run by love.

So take a breath. Fixate on THAT.

It all works out.


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