Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Our Border Collie is a great alarm system.

People. Cars. Foxes. And of course, her favorite, the UPS truck.

Watching a movie downstairs, Penny started yapping upstairs. Margie went up to look, expecting something mundane.


Walking casually up the road were four Grizzly bears. A momma and three yearling cubs.

Big as life, perfectly groomed specimens. Gorgeous!

I started calling the neighbors while Margie filmed. Momma bear rose on her hind legs four or five times searching the terrain and sniffing the air. The three teenagers followed tightly in unison, as if magnetized to each other. They sauntered across our front acreage for a good five minutes before disappearing over a ridge.

We live on the border of the Shoshone National Forest but bear sightings are still rare in our neighborhood. A momma Griz with triplets? Never before.

We alerted neighbors over the ridge and they reported seeing the family too.

The bears cover some mileage because four days ago, they were reported on an elk carcass across the valley three miles away.

We've lived near Yellowstone for 26 years. We've never been so close to such a large family of Grizzlies. It's quite the blessing when nature parades right in front of your living room windows.


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