Detach From The Hive

By Mike Johnson

Order. Structure. Routine. Surrender.
School ruins us.

School habitualized us to merge into the hive. Step into a schedule. Obey direction. Hand over our physical presence & surrender our minds to a leader.

Basically, weíre being groomed for a job by age 5. Weíre programmed to accept someone elseís system & march to their paradigm. 7 to 3 or 9 to 5. Itís all the same. Just like everyone else.

For most, that job never ends.

What would you do if you were free to do anything at all?

Is it a scary thought to build your own system? Set your own schedule? Create your own value? Demand your own price?

For most, this amount of freedom is far too unstructured & far too uncomfortable. It's far too different from their programming.

Far too ALONE.

Being part of a system is far easier than BEING the system. Let somebody else stick their neck out. Go along & get along.

This programming is what holds so many back from real growth in their life.

Not just external growth but internal growth. Character. Knowledge. Truth.

When settled into the hive, you use just a fraction of your true potential.

When settled into the hive, you look to the hive for information, validation & truth. You delegate your thinking & self-worth to the hive. You take their cues. Follow their lead. Conform.

What if this conformity is not in your best interests?

Until you detach from the hive, chase your own dreams & learn how to survive upon your own wits, you really havenít tested or stretched or polished yourself.

We're born alone. We die alone. We can't delegate how much we grow to someone else. It's all on us.

Itís no coincidence that humanityís largest external & internal advancements were launched by people who detached from the hive.

Fortunately, itís a big world. There are many living examples of amazing, successful lives outside the hive that you can mimic. Just study & adapt the framework of their journey to your own personality, skills & desires.

If you hunger for more than the hive can provide, there's a reason.

Listen to it. Imagine it. Research it. Act on it.

Bee the person you dream to bee.


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