Everything You Know May Be Wrong

By Mike Johnson

Your head is full of falsehoods, fairytales & illusions.

Everyones' is.

Government, media, schools, parents, friends & “experts” have been dumping garbage into our heads since birth.

Few have the detachment & psychological strength to consider this disconcerting reality.

Everything you know may be wrong.

Are you mentally strong enough to take a look at this possibility?

The louder & wider a “fact” is broadcast, the more likely it’s a big fabrication.

Look at any topic closer & the truth is different than it’s publically portrayed.

Why is this such an important exercise?

Because you act on the “knowledge” you have. You make decisions & take actions based on that information. Those decisions & actions become your life.

For example, jobs are the most difficult way to earn money. They take massive amounts of time, energy & life force & rarely pay enough to ever escape.

Yet, the education industrial complex drives everyone into jobs, with the false information that expensive college is the only way to acquire a “good” job.

The financial industrial complex then takes over & tells everyone that keeping that job & investing your savings with them for 40 years is the only way to reach financial security.

These two falsehoods steal people’s lives while helping the government industrial complex stay in power. They know something that you don’t:

Steal people’s time, energy & excess money & they have no juice left to supervise, question or revolt against leaders.

There are many easier, more lucrative ways to gain financial & time freedom than jobs. These ways do not require working a schedule or attending college or saving for decades. These alternatives do not steal your life.

These are just a few examples of "what-you-know" being wrong. There are hundreds of others, making your life more difficult than it needs to be.

When you’re tired of being someone else’s pawn and tired of life being so hard, just question some "knowledge" & do your own non-mainstream research.

It can save your life.


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