Your Boat Scratched My Anchor!

By Mike Johnson

One event, two totally different perspectives.

One sees a gaping hole in his boat.

Another sees a small scratch on his anchor.

Which perspective has the most truth?

Today, unreality is distributed far more aggressively than actual reality.

Authority/media is the anchor, truth is the boat.

Authority/media trots out “experts” to support the most outlandish statements & events.

Today, you have to be an expert in discernment to determine which experts have any credibility.

Colleges are pumping out multiple times more credentials than just 20 years ago. Like paper money, every new credential dilutes the value of all other credentials. When everyone is an expert, it’s difficult to discern who is fake and who is real.

But credentials, titles or position are not the full story either. Human nature reveals a percentage of the population is dishonest, corrupt, sociopathic or worse. Listen to an “expert” with bad character and you’re about to become a fool and a victim.

So today, more than ever, you need to become an expert on experts.

Fortunately, there is an easy test.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Is that "expert" getting real, measurable results? Have they personally succeeded at the thing they are advising about? What is their reputation and track record of success?

Words are cheap. Any idiot "expert" can spew them.

Results are evidence of real knowledge, real experience, real character and real value.

Drop anchor in reality.

Put experts to the test. By their fruits ye shall know them.


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