Perspective of a Free Man

By Mike Johnson

Our weekday "workplace."

It's amazing how simple your life becomes once you gain financial & time freedom. No costumes. No commute. No conscription to calendars. No kooky coworkers or crazy bosses.

No crowds. No covid compliance. No conforming to corporate craziness.

Occasionally, between Frisbee throws, my mind flashes to a memory from my corporate days. The crap I tolerated. I was such a small, compliant, unaware person back then. But I believed I was a big deal due to salary and position and accolades from bosses. Ha!

Today, I realize the truth.

Trading time for money at a job was a bad, bad trade. It had value for learning and experience, but I abused myself far too long, for too few benefits.

I never realized the extent of my slavery until I escaped employment.

Detach from anything and new clarity fills the void. Wow!

I deleted the work schedule but replaced the income. And gained the perspective of a free man.

Today, I'm no longer impressed by suits or titles or credentials or hollow compliments.

I'm impressed by freedom.

If you've achieved freedom, I see the strength of your character and the depth of your accomplishment.

It's an exclusive club. Congrats for earning admission.


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