Rich Dad

By Mike Johnson

Idea pioneers always take the stones and arrows. Despite trying to help the world, the mediocre mass of mankind rejects, rebuffs & ridicules the very information that could save them.

It has always been such. A small percentage of the aware are always trying to awaken the super majority of unaware.

In 1997, Robert Kiyosaki published, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” The book taught financial literacy by describing the four types of income. He took heat by pointing out that jobs were the worst type. He also blasphemized saving and home ownership as lousy ways to build wealth. The financial world went nuts with criticism. The book sold millions of copies anyway.

His brilliant advice put my life on steroids:

You don’t have to save a massive nest egg to gain financial and time freedom. You just need more monthly passive income than the amount of your monthly bills. Once you achieve that, you’re forever free of jobs and work schedules. Better, you don’t have to create that passive income stream yourself. You can just BUY it.

I acted on Kiyosaki’s advice and it WORKED. Wife & I gained financial and time freedom in under 10 years.

Can anyone achieve this? No. But motivated, aware people certainly can.

Kiyosaki recently posted the following video that reveals his clairvoyance. And what he sees coming.

Robert Kiyosaki Video

The number of naysayers commenting under this video are about the same ratio of people in society who live their lives as victims. Which is the vast majority.

Look around. Only about 5% have earned financial and time freedom. Money isn’t everything. But time might be. Add health and you can achieve anything.

The naysaying commenters are arguing for their limitations. The information is right in front of them – virtually free of charge – but they won’t believe it. They won’t use it. Worse, they ignorantly denigrate it without any experience of ever using it.

Kiyosaki’s teachings certainly worked for me personally. His ripples have flowed through me, improving others’ lives who asked my advice and used it.

I’m not affiliated with Kiyosaki in any way. I get no reward for recommending his advice other than the warm glow of helping others. When you discover ways to break free of the rat race, you not only want to share those ways with everyone you love, you want to share them with everyone!

Do yourself the favor of watching the video and beginning the metamorphosis he recommends.

Then read the comments below that video as examples of unaware people who are jailed by their own minds.

Don't be those guys. Wake up.


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