"I Do Not Consent"

By Mike Johnson

"I Do Not Consent."

No one can defend against those words. Of course they can use force. And expose themselves as mental & moral weaklings. Ignorant bullies disguised as enforcers. Tyrannical leaders.

"I Do Not Consent."

Read your state & federal constitutions and try it on. You'll be amazed at how many situations can be lawfully refused.

This works against busybodies, employers, authorities, experts, media, enforcers, bankers, creditors, doctors, health officials, financial planners, teachers, elected leaders, friends and family. You are the leader of your own revolution of one.

The world rearranges itself and adapts when you withhold your consent.

Like a rock in a creek. The water either flows around you or washes you away. Either way, you're "dry" inside.

Either way, we see who the bully was. Either way, if your position is moral, lawful and fair, you had inner integrity and courage. You were RIGHT.

"Live and let live," requires no consent. Just tolerance.

But push or lie or force while violating the constitution and our individual rights, property or body integrity?

I Do Not Consent.


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