Mainstream Source-ery

By Mike Johnson

Mainstream media is owned by the cabal so you canít trust or rely on them. Not only are they severely biased, but they massively lie and omit. They also present different "news" to different audiences. They want us to fight among ourselves so we never fight the cabal. There is no such thing as a better mainstream channel. The same cabal that owns CNN owns FOX.

If you donít research non-mainstream sources, everything you think you know is wrong.

I learned this decades ago. But it was really brought home when I launched and operated an aggregated news website from 2005-2012. It started as a news source for my town, but quickly evolved into a national news site. I researched the Internet 4-5 hours a day for 2,500 days straight, posting links to the best non-mainstream articles for my readers. In addition to my local info, I specialized in exposing the US political and financial systems.

There are rabbit holes underneath every topic and Iíve crawled deeply into many. To find the purest ore, you have to sort through tons of spoils. You canít be afraid to consider anything. That doesnít mean you believe everything.

Discernment is a skill you develop over time, practice and experience.

Here are a few of the tamer news and commentary websites I still visit daily.

These will lead you to many others. All of them provide information that shows the trajectory of the future. Sift through these and youíll stay months and years ahead of the masses. Better, this information will be far more accurate than what mainstream media & authority tells you. Discernment is still required.

The cabal is real. Their news is fake. Your life is far too important to be led astray by self-serving criminals.

Don't be a pawn. Curate your own news and information.


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