3,417 Saturdays

By Mike Johnson

This is my 3,417th Saturday on this planet.

I love Saturdays so much that I arrived on a Friday so my first day off after birth would be a Saturday. I also made sure my first full month had five Saturdays.

To me, Saturdays always represented freedom. Freedom from school. Freedom from work. Freedom from attention to others’ agendas.

So I spread that Saturday freedom throughout the rest of my week by arising at 4am. Nobody’s there to order you around when they’re all sleeping.

It took me 52 years to reach the financial & time freedom that finally turned every day into a perpetual Saturday.

As I look back, just a few key pieces of information would’ve shortened that journey by decades.

I’d like to save you those decades. It’s mostly just a matter of realizing there are better ways to earn income than trading time for money.

And of course, you have to want it bad enough to make course corrections. And have the self-discipline to make yourself do the things that need to be done.

If you can't make yourself DO something, you'll never make yourself BE something.

So here you are on another freedom Saturday. You'll be fortunate to get 4,000 of them. Why not invest a little time exploring how to make all your other days Saturdays too?

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