By Mike Johnson

My prayer for you is to experience just enough life to realize the things of man will disappoint you.

Oh, you can create comfort and ease. You can create what other men call ďsuccess.Ē But it is impossible to create what YOU consider success without an inner relationship with God.

Earth is a temporary external. Your soul is an eternal internal.

Here on earth we hope for a world where good is rewarded. Where honesty and love prevail. Where evil receives the justice it deserves.

This hope rarely manifests within our small circles of influence so it's futile to expect it to occur in the greater world.

Today, we awaken to more dashed hopes and stolen elections. The evil is strong in the cabal. The discernment of the people is weak.

As much as Iíd like to, I cannot stop, remove or incarcerate the cabal. I see what they are. I see that they work for the devil. I discern the difference between good and evil. All I can do is publically and privately rebuke them in every possible way.

I can boldly do this because I wear the armor of God. Thanks to my creator, I am an eternal spirit experiencing earth in a temporary body. The cabal may wield power here, but it is as nothing compared to our infinite God.

Iím on Godís team, at his invitation, created in his image, eternally.

The sting of dashed hope just reminds me to focus less on the outer world and more on the inner world. Thatís where the good lives. That's where the love lives. That's where the righteousness lives.

Thank you God.


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