Poaching Enlightenment

By Mike Johnson

I didn't attach much value to my few months as a fry cook.

Then I realized my favorite midnight snack was a result of that experience. I can poach the hell out of eggs.

Amateurs buy those fancy steam poachers and end up afraid to ever use them. Professional cooks just crack the eggs into a pot of boiling water and use their biological inner timer.

I can make the centers anyway you like -- over-easy, medium or hard. I fine tune my own to land between over-easy and medium. That's medium-rare, in steak talk.

If you're attentive, they come out perfect. Eye-appeal is buy-appeal. The better your meal looks, the better it tastes.

My wife always knows when I was up with the owls. That soaking pot and aerated spoon gives me away.

Had I never gone through that fry cook experience, I'd be eating eggs like the uncultured masses.

Nothing is wasted. Some things are basted.

But that's another story.

You'll find a better story of my fry cook days here: "Working With Ash Holes"


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