The Moth

By Mike Johnson

A man awakens at 2am to pounding on his door. It's his buddy.

"You've got to help me! I keep thinking I'm a moth."

"That sounds serious, why'd you pick me?"

"Your light was on."

We like to think we're helping people. But sometimes "our light" is just feeding others' obsessions.

The beautiful woman who notices her man is always maneuvering her toward bed and away from deep conversation.

The rich guy's bride who gets animated at Tiffany's but goes somber at home.

The boss who loves us when we hit our goals but shuns us when we don't.

The bible calls this "casting our pearls before swine."

We want to be appreciated for our essence, not our shiny externals. So we search for people who look deeply into our light, until they recognize OUR LIGHT.

If you want to GET the most from someone, you have to CONNECT with the most of someone.

Anything less and you're just another moth.


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