Passive Income, Aggressively

By Mike Johnson

16 degrees, 6 inches of fresh snow, nowhere to go.
WDGY on the Internet radio, playing the same oldies that were new when I lived in Minneapolis 50 years ago.
Cat snoozing on the desk, fireplace space heater glowing red in the darkness of my loft office cave.

I remember 4am paper routes in 80 below wind chill. 5am commutes to comply with McDonald’s and 7-Eleven work schedules. 7am walks to the high school bus stop.

Now I don’t have to do any of that.

This is why I chased passive income so aggressively.

Today’s freedom is the reward for all that work.

Not only the comfort and joy of staying home during frightful weather. But the warm glow of achievement knowing that I got off the couch and EARNED it.

Nobody can take that inner fulfillment away.

I wish the same for you.


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