Most Likely to Succeed

By Mike Johnson

I watched a documentary last night that followed four high achievers from age 18-28. All were voted most likely to succeed in high school.

All had plans. Then life unfolded.

They started with high hopes. Big, general dreams. Idealistic and optimistic, they all earned college scholarships. Three finished in four years, one took ten.

All had setbacks. As personal choice and real life reduced options, each was forced to evolve and adapt. Through experience, their definitions of success focused more tightly.

Each had a different journey. Each faced different challenges.

One was devastated by the death of multiple close relatives over a short period of time. This resulted in achieving far less outer “success” than the others.

One was set back by an accident driving while drunk. This negatively impacted his finances, confidence and closest relationship.

The other two could be called privileged in their upbringing and comfortable lifestyles.

One spectacularly achieved her goal of world travel and deep education but was doing so without a partner. Strong, solo, and addicted to outer achievement, it was unclear if she felt as successful inside.

The other experienced many employers, a couple short relationships and was just starting to finally see himself as "normal." His momentum suggested that pattern would continue.

It was both inspiring and melancholy to witness snippets of their journey. They're all resilient. They’re only 28. They’re still collecting pieces for the mosaic they'll become. They’re still figuring it all out.

And that is life. We imagine, we learn, we do, we experience, we evaluate, we adapt.

Over time, we discover what we like and what we don’t. We connect the dots and try to align our actions with our desires. All while walking the minefield of unexpected circumstance, adversity and peril.

The result is our own life documentary.

The Story of You.

You're gifted. You're resilient. You're heroic.

What scene will you document today?


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