How To Own the Best Art

By Mike Johnson

The best art evokes the deepest emotions.
With this definition, I own the best art in the world.

Comic books. Malt o Meal. Black Cat.

Products that evoke emotion are ART.

My office is sprinkled with products and logos and signs that pull rich feelings from deep memories.

Just a glance makes me feel GOOD.

I have stacked the deck to feel good, effortlessly.

Would you pay $1,000 for a painting that brings perpetual joy?

Then youíd certainly pay $1 for a pack of firecrackers youíll never light. The Black Cat logo is ART.

Iíll never eat that $5 box of Malt o Meal but to me, the box is ART.

Vintage comic books are obviously already art. Everyone knows the covers were drawn by the best commercial artists who ever lived. The inner pages and creative ads pile on for free, creating an embarrassment of value. Selling comics by the book is like selling gold by the pound. ďIíll take them all please.Ē

Frosted Flakes. Cracker Jack. Dadís Root Beer. All ART.

All priced pennies on the dollar compared to the feelings they conjure.

The best art galleries in the world just might be grocery stores.

Next time you shop, donít do it with your stomach. Do it with your memories.

Youíll come home with a pantry full of ART.


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