Dress Codes

By Mike Johnson

Every industry has them.

On one hand, conforming to their code shows respect. On another, it shows subservience. It comes down to how you feel about the clothes yourself.

I never enjoyed wearing suits & ties & dress shoes. Yet I wore them at work for nearly two decades. It was just another chunk of the heavy price I paid to work in my chosen vocation.

There were other painful trades. Chained to a work schedule. Suffering crazy bosses & kooky coworkers. The commute. Stupid policies, priorities, projects.

The second I came home, the monkey suit was thrown in a corner. I became me again by climbing into jeans, sneakers & yes, flannel. This was the me I wanted to wear all the time.

And now I do. I mix & match sweatshirts, t-shirts & flannel as the weather changes.

I might don a button shirt if company visits. Shows of respect are a hard habit to break.

My commute is a flight of stairs. Unless I choose to "work" on the same floor. Of course I don't really work anymore. I just tinker.

The Border collie & the cat are my coworkers. The forest & woodpile out back make my flannel legitimate.

I no longer have an employment axe to grind. But I keep grinding it for others who want a different path.


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