By Mike Johnson

This sign hangs in shops all over America. Itís a reminder that value comes at a cost.

Something has to give.

Similarly, you can achieve anything, but not everything.

So you have to prioritize what you most want and focus on that.

Once you have that best thing, itís easier to go after the next best.

Especially if that first best thing is financial and time freedom. Now you have the resources and time to go after anything.

Try it like this:


You can get time and love but you wonít have money.
You can get money and love but you wonít have time.
You can get time and money but you wonít have Ö wait Ö now you have total freedom so you CAN have love.

Or health, hobbies, joy, peace-of-mind or anything else.

So by achieving passive income first, you CAN achieve everything else on your list that truly matters.

I wish someone had told me this 50 years ago.


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